3 New Chicago Startups to Checkout

The last post “Get to Know few Chicago Startups” was a great way to introduce great Chicago startups so we decided that this should be a regular series here on Chicagonista!

How many times have you stepped out of a cab, train or buss and the gloom befalls when you realize that sometime in the last 5-8 hours you’ve lost your keys, phone, wallet or Chapstick. Well, maybe not that Chapstick but I’m sure we’ve all had our share of disappointment regarding the loss of our cherished important items. In walks Found in Town to save the day. You know what the best part is? It’s free! All you need to do is visit their website, register, select a “sponsor” and wait for your stickers to arrive in the mail. You can attach the stickers to your phone, wallet, computer or anything else that has a possibility of being lost and found. If any of these items were lost and found by some kind soul that has access to the internet then you are saved! All they need to do is go to FiT’s site and enter the set of numbers on the sticker and you can be reunited with your loved item. It’s really that simple. Now someone needs to work on a robot to sign for my packages when I’m not home!

You have a great event that you’re planning and not a lot of time to waste with no venue in sight. Event organizers (amateurs or pros), more often than not, are troubled with the difficulty of finding the right venue.  Whether a high school reunion or a book signing, Venue Cricket will lend a helping hand in the process of selecting a venue. They only started in January of this year but already have about 16 Chicago venues listed on their site and more to be added in the next few weeks.  The interface is very user friendly. You can set several parameters for your search to help you find the right venue. My favorite one is budget since no one really has an unlimited budget and it’s nice to know price up-front before even contacting the venue. The only thing missing? Your event ideas that may or may not include a reenactment of your favorite eating challenge from Fear Factor.

Junto helps you take that amazing startup idea to the next step. They’re the brains that will help your idea in its take of. Their about section actually says it best “Junto is an incubation environment that turns great ideas from passionate founders into successful startups. It’s a structured process that uses Lean Startup principles to build viable products faster and cheaper. But to really make better startups, we utilize the help of an online community. A continuous feedback loop with the general public and expert mentors help us make smarter decisions. It promotes honest discussion, builds new relationships and ensures that we create a product that users want.” Not everyone is born tech savvy and just because you’re a paralegal, shouldn’t stop you from having a fantastic design for that app that will change the way people find their lost items. If this isn’t the perfect full circle, I don’t know what is!

Sami Ari

Sami Ari is a lover of everything Chicago, from the Chicago Shakespeare Theater to the Magnificent Mile to the Promontory Point in Hyde Park. Addicted to tweetups and meeting new people as well as seeing films and writing all about it on Samiari.net and tweeting at @samiari Always a learning sponge absorbing everything about Tech, Social Media, Marketing and PR.

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